Am I allowed to host adult content using TheWeb? No, sorry we do not allow adult hosting content. Can I add my own CGI scripts? Our LINUX web servers have the capability to run CGI scripts in your own 'cgi-bin' directory.... Can I host a site designed in iWeb from a Mac on TheWeb? Can I install TeamSpeak on a shared hosting account? It is only possible to install TeamSpeak on iisnet-networks dedicated server hosting... Can I transfer an existing domain to TheWeb? Can I upgrade to another package? If you are interested in upgrading your iisnet-networks package please contact our support... Do I get a Site Seal when I purchase an SSL Certificate? Yes you do receive a Site Seal when you purchase an SSL Certificate. Do we offer SSL Certificates? A shared SSL Certificate is provided with every iisnet-networks account. Private SSL Certificates... Do you need a static IP address for self-signed SSL certificates? You do need to have a Static IP if you are using your own SSL Certificate. To use an... Do you offer a backup service? You can add Daily Backup to your account at any time through your cPanel account.We offer weekly... Do you offer monthly payment plans on all of your packages? All of our iisnet-networks plans come with a monthly billing option. Once you have selected the... Do you offer reseller accounts with WHM? Yes we offer reseller hosting plans which you can manage using WHMYou can view our reseller plans... Do you support Shoutcast Hosting? Shoutcast is available from our dedicated SHOUTcast website: UK and... Do you support FastCGI or WSGI? At present iisnet-networks only support FastCGI and not WSGI. Do you support JBoss? Yes, we support JBoss on our dedicated server plans, Tomcat also needs to be installed on the... Do you support Java? Yes we support Java Script on our shared and dedicated servers.  We also support Java Server... Do you support SFTP? SFTP is activated if you have SSH access. If not, you need SSH access to be able to use... Do your servers support the PHP GD Library? Yes, iisnet-networks supports PHP GD Library. You can upload the ttf's to your site and have GD... Does TheWeb offer Ruby on Rails support? Yes, we offer Ruby on Rails support. The web program can be found in your cPanel account under... Does iisnet-networks support PostgresSQL? PostgresSQL is not currently supported by iisnet-networks at this time, however, we do offer... How do I access my site using SSH? SSH access is not included in any hosting plan. However you can request our support team for Jail... How do I add a user to my cPanel account? Only one primary login can be issued per cPanel account, so it is not currently possible to... Is IMAP supported? IMAP is enabled by default on the shared hosting server plans, there is no configuration required... Is file sharing allowed with TheWeb? What does TheWeb charge for hosting? Please visit our website for comlete offers and promotions. What is an SSL Certificate? An SSL Certificate is a digital certificate verifying your identity. Without an SSL... What versions of PHP and MySQL do you provide? We provide multiple versions of PHP from 5.4 to 7.0* We use MariaDB for our databases. Its a drop... Where are your Terms & Conditions located ?
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