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An addon domain is a separate domain that is hosted on your primary domain but it appears as if it is hosted on it's own account. If you were to addon "newdomain.com", a user browsing to your site will see "newdomain.com" in the URL, but it will be redirecting it to a specific folder under your primary domain.

iisnet-networks offers unlimited addon domains with all of it's plans. To addon a domain please follow these steps: 

Firstly please ensure that the name servers are pointing to the nameservers of iisnet-networks welcome email sent while you made the signup. If you have lost the details please contact support@iisnet-networks to resend the email.

Login to your cPanel account and select 'Addon Domains' under the 'Domains' menu.

Complete the form as follows:

New Domain Name: the domain you wish to add
Subdomain/FTP Username: Whatever you put in the this field will be the folder that is created under your primary account. It will also be the default username for mail and FTP.
Password: your password

The change in nameservers may take up to 48 hours.

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