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Creating a business or ecommerce website

Benefits of creating an ecommerce or business website

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If you run a business in this modern era, then you can’t afford to ignore the internet as a means of marketing your product. Why? Well, this is simply because online shopping has now become a big money spinner! Just last year it was estimated that over 3 trillion people used the internet, and this number is expected to quadruple in the coming years! This is a big market of people that should be taken full advantage of with all alacrity. It may also interest you to know that an average US shopper spends $1804 online annually, and that the US is currently regarded as the largest regional market for online shopping with sales worth over 126 billion dollars reported in 2013, which is more than double the amount spent by online shoppers just five years earlier in 2008.  Your business definitely deserves to benefit from these online purchases!

Therefore, owning your very own ecommerce website is the sure way of expanding your business, as it is assured to reach more customers and rake in the big bucks you have always aimed for. How is this possible? Firstly, customers from just about anywhere in the world can now get the opportunity to see what you have for sale, purchase it and get the goods delivered to them through an efficient means of transport. These same customers can leave positive reviews for quality service, which can encourage other prospective customers to patronize your business bringing in more sales. Furthermore, your business ecommerce website can spread like wild fire through the aid social media share buttons, when satisfied customers share it on their respective pages, not forgetting the visibility search engines also affords it. Interestingly, all these translates into more success for your business, as more visibility due to your ecommerce website, equals more customers. An increase in customers, translates into more sales and higher of sales no doubt brings in more money. Therefore at the end of the day your business keeps winning!

Furthermore, many business owners like yourself, already know the importance of selling their goods online, but most do not recognize how to go about maximizing the benefits it offers. Several of these business owners, likely including yourself, have even gone on to begin online sales of their goods through general ecommerce platforms such as E-bay, Amazon and even on their respective social media pages. Well, this may be a step in the right direction, but does not give a feel of professionalism that assures customers of your prowess in the business niche you operate in. Customers sometimes need an extra encouragement in order to spend their hard earned money in making any purchase. They recognize quality, due to the concentrated customer care they receive on a customized ecommerce website, meant to cater to their needs, tilting the likelihood to buy in favor of the business owner. In fact, it has been observed that 86% of customers are willing to pay up to 25% more if you can provide a better customer experience. Well established businesses understand the importance of affording customers this unique experience, and maximize it by having their own ecommerce websites. You too can take the needed step to the next level, by providing your customers, with a professional ecommerce or business website for the sales of your products. Our ecommerce Hosting packages start from just $11.95 per month for our Express Plan