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When you use TheWeb web hosting service your using our Web Server to display your website content to visitors on the world wide web. Here we explain what a web server does and the different types of webservers.

A web server can be described as the actual computer hardware running the web server software and storing all the files that make up your website like text, images, html and css etc, but its also the web server software like Apache needed to display your web pages for it is the web server software that understands the web addesss (domain name) that you type into your web browser like Firefox, Chrome or Opera. So when your browser needs a file hosted on our web server it requests it and then sends it back using the http protocol ( Hypertext Transfer Protocol ).

A web page can be either static or dynamic.

Static web pages are usually pages that rarely change and display the same content and information to all visitors and are delivered to the visitor exactly as they are stored usually in html (Hyper Text Markup Language). Fairly simple to create, static pages are served up fast and are perfect for websites with just a few pages.

Dynamic web pages are controlled by  web server application software like WordPress or Joomla and use a database and usually a scripting language such as php. So to produce the final web pages you see in your web browser, the web server application will fill in an html template with the contents from a database such as MySQL or MariaDB. Dynamic pages using a database are more complex than static pages but are great for websites with hundreds of pages or posts like personal blogs or online stores and they can generate content on the fly.

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